This is a space to share my more recent mini creative projects. Please click on the links and enjoy!

2010-2011                               Twelve Days of Christmas  

Haikus for each  month of the coming year



May 2012                          The Zen of Robin Hood’sBay

More haikus

sea fret2
2013                                           Mini Monologues 2013

About love, life and travel, from my trip to Morocco

2014                                Sorrento Lemons n Blues

      Holiday poems in the style of Catullus, with some interesting statuary


2014 -2015
                                     My Penistone Sky_August

    Part of a more major project, photographing the sky above me over 12  months, this is August 2014 as a taster. For more, see

19 August 2014


May-June 2020                                            Pat’s Last Stand-Up   

Here is a set of funny and uplifting monologues about the healing power of laughter, put together via zoom during the coronavirus lockdown, with support and participation of family and friends around the world (while sitting down at home)

I suggest you watch in the order presented here.
Parts 1 to 4 form the main show [around 35+ mins] but you can take them 1 set at a time.
The Out-takes form a separate session [around 12 mins]

1.Intro / The night the lights went out ( 9.47 mins)



2.Pose Pause Paws for Thought (+ The big red sofa / How do you vote?) (14.47 mins)



3.The Third Tree 

doras tree


4.Encore (Climate Change) and Final Word (7 mins)


Pat's Last Stand-Up-Out-takes

5. Out-takes including:- technical tips; bed- and list-making; plus mistaken identities)
(12.35 mins)















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