A story of what otherwise might not have been possible

Impact assessment of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund

Researched and written by Patricia Daniel, this is an impact assessment of the work of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund in support of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the UK, 2003-2012. An inspiring account of how a small amount of money, used strategically and creatively, can make a real difference.

A story of what otherwise might not have been possible, 2012
ISBN 978-0-9532423-7-5
The PDF version can be viewed or downloaded here:
A story of what otherwise might not have been possible

Labouring for Peace

Labouring for PeaceThis book charts the history of the peace movement withing the Labour Party from the end of the second world war to the present day, paying tribute to the women and men members of the Labour Action for Peace who have campaigned to bring  pacificism and disarmament to the forefront of  British government policy and foreign relations.
Written by Grace Crookall-Greening (former editor of Labour Action for Peace publications)  and Rosalie Huzzard (former President of the UK section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) with a Foreword by Tony Benn MP and special tributes to Frank Allaun and Ron Huzzard.

Labouring for Peace, 2011
ISBN 978-0- 9532423-6-8

Women's Voices from South Yorkshire

Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire

An inspiring new collection of writing from a group of women from different countries and cultures, now living in South Yorkshire. It conveys their achievements and experiences through poems, stories and other pieces such as “Recipes for a better world”. The collection was put together through workshops with the poet River Wolton. It is published in association with Northern College and launched as part of the Sheffield  Off the Shelf literary festival 2010.

Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire, 2010
ISBN 978-0-9532423-5-1

We really do not alter, just grow older
Ninety years of Winifred Wheable-Archer

We really do not alter

We really do not alter

This collection of memories, articles and creative writing, edited by Patricia Daniel, provides a fascinating insight into the life of former Kirklees councillor and long-term Denby Dale resident, Winifred Wheable-Archer. From her childhood during the Miners’ Strike of 1926, through her pioneering work in local government services and her continuing active engagement at all levels, the book serves as an important contribution to social history as well as a tribute to a remarkable woman.

 ISBN 978-0-953423-4-4

Hard copy price £12 (plus postage).

A PDF version can be viewed or downloaded here.  Please note that this contains colour photographs, so may take a little while to download: We really do not alter

The Facilitator

The Facilitator

The Facilitator has the power to send you where you’ve never wanted to go. You have to enter other people’s minds and learn how to survive there. We are in a time of crisis. Those who are called need to collaborate to find the ultimate solution.

Novel by Patricia Daniel, 2009

ISBN 0-9532423-3-1

View or download here: The Facilitator

Gold medal winner in the 2010 eLit Awards.
This book can be purchased through Lulu at


Gran’s War

Bridlington, summer 1939

Mickey Baxter was eleven when the Second World War broke out and at the age of nineteen, not long after the war ended, she got  married. Mickey recorded these memoirs at the prompting of her granddaughter Dora, who was intrigued to know what it was like growing up during the war. This delightful and insightful story takes place in and around Huddersfield. The book also contains old photographs and other documents from the period.

Edited by Patricia Daniel, 2007

ISBN 978-09532423-2-0

View or download here: Gran’s War


Babe in Arms

Female volunteers in Baghdad, 2002

On a mysterious journey through time and space, the narrator deconstructs several myths about women in her search for the truth. Be warned: the answer may be more challenging than you expect.

Novel by Patricia Daniel, 2004  (Suitable for girls and women of all ages)

ISBN 0-9532423-1-5

View or download here: Babe in Arms

A few hard copies remaining. Contact us for further details.


No Other Reality: the life and times of Nora Astorga

No Other Reality

This fascinating biography of the Nicaraguan revolutionary tells the story of a remarkable woman who gave up her privileged position to fight for equality and justice, inspiring many others to do likewise. She ended her short but brilliant life while opposing US foreign policy, as Ambassador to the United Nations in 1988.

ISBN 0-9532423-0-7

A few hard copies remaining. Contact us for further details.



Voices from Latin America (Adlais o america ladin / Ecos de america latin)

Voices from Latin America (front cover)

Inspiring poetry in three languages (English, Spanish and Welsh) from teachers, lovers, priests, soldiers, refugees, about life, love, politics and resistance.

Edited by Patricia Daniel and Llinos Non Parri with cover by Catrin Williams. Published by Mon/Arfon Central America Group 1994.

ISBN 0 9523921 0 0

View or download here:  Voices From Latin America

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