Sheffield Rising (until the violence stops)

CAM Yorkshire’s Director, Patricia Daniel, convened the highly successful Sheffield Rising events on February 14th-15th 2013 which formed part of the global One Billion Rising campaign to stop violence against women and girls.

More than twenty local organisations actively supported the activities as well as many individuals. Around 300 people took part in the flash dance at Barker’s Pool at lunchtime on Valentine’s Day 2013. See the Sheffield Star video.


And about 150 people were involved in the Feb 15th evening performance of “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, And A Prayer: writings to stop violence against women” edited by Eve Ensler, who spearheads the One Billion Rising campaign. The commemorative programme can be downloaded here.

MMRP Programme (Sheffield 2013)


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A story of what otherwise might not have been possible

Impact assessment of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund

The impact assessment report of the work of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund in support of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the UK, 2003-2012, is now available for free download.

The report was well received at a workshop on July 2nd 2012, held at Amnesty International UK. This was attended by representatives from a range of funding organisations and other stakeholder groups, all  interested in the potential and practice of small grants programmes.  

Testimony was provided by three key beneficiary organisations: Music in Detention, the Association for Visitors to Immigration Detainees and Bail for Immigration Detainees.

Participants included Comic Relief, Network for Social Change, Institute for Voluntary Action Research, Asylum Aid, Migration Foundation, Trust for London, AB Charitable Trust, Philanthropy Capital and Unbound Philanthropy. There was general agreement that:

“You don’t need a large amount of money to make a difference.”

A story of what otherwise might not have been possible
by Patricia Daniel, on behalf of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund
CAM 2012
ISBN 978-0-9532423-7-5

The PDF version can be viewed or downloaded here:
A story of what otherwise might not have been possible

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A story of what otherwise might not have been possible

The case for small grants: Impact assessment of the work of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund in support of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers in the UK,

This is the story of an extraordinary legacy. It recounts how the memory of one woman inspired a small group of friends  to make a difference.  It shows how a small amount of money, used strategically and creatively, can have an undreamed-of impact. And it encourages others to take the same journey in the furtherance of social justice.
Impact assessment of the Helen Tetlow Memorial Fund

This report will be launched on 2nd July  at Amnesty International UK, at an event for trustees, funders and other stakeholders involved in the social justice sector.
It will then be available for free download from the CAM website

A story of what otherwise might not have been possible 2012
ISBN 978-0-9532423-7-5

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Sheffield Launch for Peace Book


Labouring for Peace will be launched in Sheffield on 21st October at the Novotel, Arundel Gate, at 7pm, as part of Off the Shelf  literary festival.  The event is free and all are welcome. Guest speakers include Alice Mahon, former MP for Halifax, and Rae Street, Coordinator for Campaign Against Depleted Uranium Weapons.

Rae Street
Rae Street

Jeremy Corbyn, who launched the book last week at the Labour Party Conference complimented Grace and Rosalie on their commitment and brilliant chronicling of a great campaign. He also commentsthat:

As Nato gears up for yet more interventions and the “defence industry” lobbies hard for new nuclear weapons, aircraft carriers and drone aircraft, we should stop for a moment and consider how much safer the world would be if those highly skilled jobs were put to dealing with health crises, food shortages and environmental sustainability rather than wars and destruction.

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Launch: Labouring for Peace

This history of Labour Action for Peace is a must for the growing number of people opposed to the wars waged by Britain and America…

So writes Tony Benn in his Foreword to our new publication (see more details in the previous post)

Labouring for Peace will be launched during the Labour Party Annual Conference on Monday 26th September 2011 at the Novotel, Hanover Street, Liverpool at 6pm. This is a joint meeting held by Labour Action for Peace (LAP) and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). Speakers include Jeremy Corbyn MP, currently President of Labour Action for Peace.

For more information about the launch please contact Rosalie on 0114 235 3217.

To order a copy of the book (£6.75 including postage and packing) please contact Richard Hart at 94 Newbury Road, Bromley, Kent BR2 0QW or at

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New publication: Labouring for Peace

We are very pleased  to announce a new title, to be published in September 2011, in time for the Labour Party Annual Conference in Liverpool:

Labouring for Peace  charts the history of the peace movement within the Labour Party from the end of the Second World War to the present day. It draws on archival material, especially newsletters and pamphlets,  as well as public speeches and personal experiences – paying tribute to the men and women members of  Labour Action for Peace who have campaigned over the past 60 years to bring pacifism and disarmament to the forefront of Labour Party policy and to Britain’s international relations.

Written by Grace Crookall-Greening (former editor of Labour Action for Peace publications)  and Rosalie Huzzard (former President of the UK section of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom) with a Foreword by Tony Benn MP and special tributes to Frank Allaun and Ron Huzzard.

Labouring for Peace, 2011 
ISBN 978-0- 9532423-6-8

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Award for The Facilitator

The Facilitator by Patricia Daniel is a 2010 gold medal winner (current affairs category) in a first-ever global digital publishing awards programme. 

The eLit Awards are an industry-wide, unaffiliated awards programme open to all members of the electronic publishing industry. The contest is presented by Jenkins Group Inc., a Michigan-based book publishing and marketing services company that has operated the popular Independent Publisher Book Awards contest since 1996.

The eLit Awards celebrate the ever growing market of electronic publishing in a wide variety of reader formats, genres and thematic categories. Publishers and authors worldwide creating electronic books written in English for the global marketplace are eligible for entry.

“Becoming a part of this awards programme puts CAM on the leading edge of increasing the awareness of the flourishing format of digital publishing.”

See the full list of 2010 winners at

The Facilitator
Novel by Patricia Daniel, 2009 ISBN 0-9532423-3-1

View or download here: The Facilitator

The book can be purchased in hard copy through Lulu at

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Women’s Voices heard

About seventy people crowded into the Quaker Meeting House on Monday to hear inspirational and moving readings from a group of remarkable women.

Women's Voices

The highly successful launch of

Women’s Voices from South Yorkshire.
Different Cultures. One World

Also please read the article in the Sheffield Star at

The book can be purchased from DEWA (Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement) at £12.50 including postage.

It was published by Northern College in association with CAM Yorkshire and launched as part of the Off the Shelf literary festival in Sheffield.

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One World. Different Cultures

Women's Voices from South Yorkshire

On 11th October, CAM will be helping to launch this inspiring new collection of writing from a group of women from different countries and cultures, now living in South Yorkshire. It conveys their achievements and experiences through poems, stories and other pieces such as “Recipes for a better world”.

The collection was put together through workshops with the poet River Wolton. It is published in association with Northern College and launched as part of the Sheffield Off the Shelf literary festival.

Designed by Ritch Partridge

ISBN 978-0-9532423-5-1

Proceeds from the sale of this book will go towards supporting the new group DEWA (Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement). Visit their website at

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Win is toasted at The Old Tavern

The Huddersfield Examiner covered the launch of “We really do not alter, just grow older” on 17th September, when friends and colleagues gathered at The Old Tavern in Denby Dale, to celebrate Winifred Wheable-Archer’s memoirs.

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